High-Quality Early Learning and Childcare

Happy Child at Miss Pattycake Childcare

High-Quality Early Learning and Childcare

Happy Child at  Miss Pattycake Childcare 

Our Mission

At Miss Pattycake Childcare, we are committed to the tried, true values and philosophies of early childhood development, while maintaining a safe, secure and stable environment.
Miss Pattycake Childcare’s staff is trained to ensure the total protection of our students

Our Values

We value kindness, compassion, cooperation, and responsibility. Moreover, we are concerned for the welfare of others and the common good. We value diversity and respect students learning at their own pace, as each child is unique and will reach developmental milestones at his/her own rate.Additionally, we are passionate about working with young children, are responsive to their needs. We encourage them as they become increasingly self-sufficient and independent. We believe in balancing our curriculum with enrichment activities which are aimed at opening your child’s artistic and creative awareness and talents, all the while maintaining a structure necessary for childhood development

Physical Activity

Active children become active adults.  While attending the center, we  show children fun ways to practice proper techniques for various activities such as:

  • Movement,
  • Balance
  • Motor skills
  • Sensory exploration
  • Ability to focus

   We provide plenty of time to slide, climb and run on our age appropriate playground.  Children at Miss Pattycake Montessori get outdoor playtime 30 minute in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon, if weather is appropriate. Children participate in indoor physical activities such as

  • Music/Movement
  • Dramatic Play

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is wearing appropriate dressing both for physical activity and the weather. For safety purposes, children are not allowed on the playground in open toe shoes such as slippers or sandals.  Properly fitted closed toe shoes are highly recommended.

Become a Part of your Child’s Learning Process


We understand the importance of communication. At Miss Pattycake Childcare, parents are engaged, informed and connected to their child’s progress and daily routine.

We strive to develop meaningful partnerships with families. To develop this relationship, we take time to make families feel comfortable and respected in our program. We involve families in developing a plan for their child, share valuable information about children’s development and progress

Miss Pattycake’s HiMama

We have an open door policy at Miss Pattycake Childcare. Our staff and administration always welcome questions and feedback. Parents stay connected through Kid Reports, an online portal offering families access to daily updates, photos and news. Upon enrollment, you will receive a welcome email and instructions on creating an  account.